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This is a blog about our farmstay in the beautiful Hunter Valley. It is a place for families to unwind and get a taste for the good life.

This is our farm stay diary of events on the farm and the local area. Please read through and enjoy.

Our farm stay apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, spectacular lounge/dining room , sun room and kitchenette.Oh and we think you will find that the spa bath is the best one you have ever tried!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Farm and Garden Update!!!

Well there has been alot happening on the farm...including some lovely farm stay visitors. One thing we didn't realise about having people stay here is how much fun it is getting to know new people ....we were blessed with meeting some beautiful people these Easter holidays.
Here are our two baby lop ear bunnies...Jelly Bean and Mitzy! Very affectionate and love to hop about on the lawn and snuggle up.
 Last of the tomato harvest . What a great tomato bush this has been in the latter part of Summer. It self seeded , perhaps a tom thumb or just a cross from another plant. Fruit fly doesn't like it am definitely keeping some seeds.
Ah, the chicken tractor. We made an ethical decision here....the chickens just were not happy in there . The triangle shape works if you have space to let them out too...but we just found they kept demolishing everything we planted. They also started eating the eggs.
The decision was made to move them into the fox proof paddock and never ever lock them up in the pen and let them free range. It has been a great decision and we love watching exhibit their natural behaviours in all that space.
 What did you say ? A house for me ? A goat house for Stewart? I have always wanted my own house.

 Oh sorry , I thought you said , 'goat house' .... I am so embarrassed...what was I thinking. The small chicken size door way should have been a dead giveaway

Animals do talk to you in their own way sometimes....which is why David put a little house for the goats over in the corner.

 Yes , is your very own goat house.

Lots of happy chickens and lots and lots of eggs!! Eventually we will get another chicken tractor for the garden but if we do I think we will go along the lines of a dome like in Linda Woodrow's book. I think she is right in thinking that  the circular shape allows more space and less corners for chickens to be cornered in . There is something so right in allowing animals to be as natural as possible.
 Cinnamon has finally put on some weight (due to copious amounts of sunflower seeds and iron tonic). We learnt alot about goat nutrition this summer when poor Cinnamon's tummy could not cope with the fresh summer grasses.
 We have put Sukie the cow in the paddock to eat down the lush feed so that the goats have something a bit more 'goaty' to eat. We were virtually putting them in a paddock of 'chocolate' before and as you know , you can overdo the chocolate if left alone with it for too long.
 The chicken tractor beds are full of nutrition and ready for some winter plantings. I am on go number 3 of planting broccolli due to some rascaly wabbits who keep eating everything I plant.
 The passionfruit vine is finally fruiting.Hopefully we will get some passionfruit before it gets too cold.

 Busy on the bike moving cattle today .
 Grammars from Pop's garden ready to cook. Check out my grammar pie recipe in my recipe section on the side ....just yummy .
 This is the farm stay garden . Last year I gave myself a broccolli challenge...this year it is the garlic challenge. 200 cloves of garlic planted and coming up. I can't wait to head over to Purple Pear's blog when all this is ready and learn how to plait garlic and hang it!!It just makes me feel all italian just thinking about it!!
 This is also part of the farm stay garden near the path to the rooms. I call this 'Sues Garden' as we had a lovely lady visit us who took great joy wandering around the organic garden picking produce to cook with. It inspired us to start planting a herb garden for visitors just near the door. So far we have planted lemon grass and parsley.
  I met an older lady at a local farmer's market who sold me a 'sugar fig' for $5. She told me it was an old type of fig that has grown on their dairy farm for many generations. I hope it grows tall and strong and is the parent of a new generation of sugar figs on our farm.
 Pruning time! I started to prune my pear tree which I have had for 8 years and nothing has ever fruited.
 Now I know why ....I have been growing the root stock and the actual beurre bosch pear is the dead bit in the middle.
 Still not a waste of time.... in permaculture fashion, a bird has nested here.
I have a plan about what I will do with will find out in a future post.
It's going to be the best crop of guavas ever....just need about a fortnight of warm weather and live on a tropical island. Hey I can hope!

All in all , a busy few weeks. great to have time to be outside and enjoy the garden and the farm .Now I have caught up with all my news , I had better get cracking making comments on blogs ...I have been reading some great posts and its time to touch base with everyone.


Meeka said...

Loved all of the pics, especially the chook ones.
I think you're very lucky to have a fox proof paddock, the chooks must be sooo happy pecking bugs and grass all day, every day!
I wish I had a goat house, and a goat! lol
I also wish I lived closer, I'd certainly come for a farm stay with the kids. :)

Kim said...

Thankyou Meeka. I see you are from Adelaide... I hear it is a very beautiful city ! We are a long way away, but you can come for a blog visit anytime.

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