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This is a blog about our farmstay in the beautiful Hunter Valley. It is a place for families to unwind and get a taste for the good life.

This is our farm stay diary of events on the farm and the local area. Please read through and enjoy.

Our farm stay apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, spectacular lounge/dining room , sun room and kitchenette.Oh and we think you will find that the spa bath is the best one you have ever tried!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Slow Living In March

 Joining in with Slow Living Essentials Month by Month Overview of Slow Living for March!

Nourish- see that big bump out the right hand side of Honey's tummy. Honey is expecting!! So we need to make sure she gets all the right foods.  Honey though saw the mountain of hay as a way to be  taller than everyone else,not something to eat.
I think she may be due in June or July .Oh Stewart, you Casanova, you!!
 Prepare- prepare for new babies coming unexpectedly early due to the unusual season we have been having. This cow was discovered just before dusk this afternoon in labour . She is experienced, so we will leave her to her own devices, but an early morning motor bike ride will be needed tomorrow to see if the new baby is here. Cows like to be left alone when they are having a baby , we only help out for first time heifers or the cow is having trouble.
Reduce- Reduce the wastage of fruit fly infested fruit and reduce our buying of fruit from the supermarket ....we finally have two much sought after fruit fly nets from Green Harvest. If this warm weather can just last another month, we hope to be eating fruit fly free organic guavas very soon.
The tree is very confused though with all this wet weather and changeable summer so we shall have to see.
Grow - Finally a zuchinni!!!!! The chicken tractor patch has been attempting to grow zuchinis all summer and we got enough sun for it to happen over the past 2 weeks. Love these little yellow zuchinnis - great on pizza, great in salad and great as a cooked vege.
 Grow- Keep growing you little raspberry plants!! I can't wait to harvest raspberries next year!!
 Create A microclimate!- A frog pond in amongst my nearly dead blueberry plants . The frog pond is there to create a micro climate to make this bed a cooler place for the blueberry plants to grow.
The blueberry plants just need to make it through this little hot spell we are having .... keep fighting , you can do it. Oh and the pond doesn't hold water yet.... we are working on that.
 Enhance- When you are by yourself on a quiet Sunday afternoon ...there is nothing like lying  on the ground under the 'fairy tree' and taking a spectacular shot. People should lie on the ground more often and see the sky in all its glory .
 Enjoy- the afternoon sun filtered through the casuarina trees along the creek.
Enjoy- Our new little Little Black Cow Farm inhabitant. We are enjoying the antics of little Lily , the ragdoll cat. Little G and JB are kitten smitten!! So much fun!!


Christine said...

Oh, well done, Stewart! What a guy. A great month you've had, Kim. The yellow zucchinis are my favourite too..although for some reason we didn't plant any this summer. And how cute is Lily?! :)

Juggler said...

I so agree with you about laying back and looking at the sky - it is such a wonderful relaxing thing to do. I have also been known to lay on the driveway at night and just watch the stars - probably a better view of them from your place rather than the city view I get.

Deb H. said...

Hi Kim have given this blog a Liebster

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