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This is a blog about our farmstay in the beautiful Hunter Valley. It is a place for families to unwind and get a taste for the good life.

This is our farm stay diary of events on the farm and the local area. Please read through and enjoy.

Our farm stay apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, spectacular lounge/dining room , sun room and kitchenette.Oh and we think you will find that the spa bath is the best one you have ever tried!!

Friday, April 13, 2012


 Having reached the point we are at now, it is really nice to stop and just enjoy the farm . The past 12 months have been very busy as we have prepared the farm stay for visitors.
The 'simple' life often seemed like something we were doing as well as running on a treadmill at the same time. Baking bread ....before rushing off to work to pay for building bills......Throwing things in the slow cooker , while making home made laundry liquid and moving cattle because I was working the next day.Simple? I don't think so.
The time for 'enjoying' what we had never seemed enough.
(A brief introduction may be in order with this photo too....these are our little pekin bantam pullets. As yet unnamed but very cuddly and loved to be picked up.They are even quieter than silky bantams and ever so trusting.)
  It is lovely to take a breather these holidays and just go 'Wow, we made it...'. Farm stay guests love having this big dining room all to themselves as part of their farm stay apartment ....but we love it too. So when there are no guests, we often have a meal in here ourselves and soak up the view. And no , you never get sick of a view like this one.
We have had time to laugh at the antics of our silky bantam chicks too. The children call these two 'the emu twins ' .
 Things have been growing even without our full attention. . I get about an eggplant a week from our eggplant bushes . Just enough to sprinkle on a pizza or go in a curry.
I look forward to more time to devote to my garden now.
 There is a feeling of satisfaction that the colder weather has having so much lush feed has its own problems. Stewart and Cinnamon were virtually poisoned by the lush kikiyu feed that was so abundant in the paddocks and lost such a lot of weight. Kikiyu can actually stop an animal aborbing magnesium and other minerals due to the high levels of oxalates in the grass.
We are hand-feeding them at the moment with lots of pellets and sunflower seeds to get that weight back on for Winter. Honey of course has just got fatter ...she is indestructible....if she was a cartoon goat , she would be the one eating the tin can.
Time to spend with the animals is so important to us .... they are part of our family .

I am so glad we have time back  in our lives is a most precious resource and should be used wisely. Afterall, we are only on this planet for a short period of time. I would like to get to the end of my time here and know that I have not squandered such a precious resource.

Time to stop and smell the flowers

Time to make once again

Time to marvel once again

Time to create once again

Time to just be who we should be.


africanaussie said...

oh what a lovely post - just reading about it all made me calm and peaceful. I love the colored glass on the dining room windows in your homestay.

Christine said...

Beautiful post. Enjoy breathing in your time, Kim, you all deserve it. xx

Linda said...

I love the naming'the emu twins'! And the cute froggy! I'm glad you're enjoying your place. It gets hard sometimes to take breath.

Jo and Joe said...

Sounds like you need to put up a hammock somewhere... out of reach of those greedy goats.
Your'e absolutley right, time is best spent doing something creative. The satisfaction that comes with being able to look back at the fruit of one's labors is a hard feeling to beat. Or in the case of Cinnamon and Stuart, after eating all that kikiyu, a hard feeling to bleat!

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