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This is a blog about our farmstay in the beautiful Hunter Valley. It is a place for families to unwind and get a taste for the good life.

This is our farm stay diary of events on the farm and the local area. Please read through and enjoy.

Our farm stay apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, spectacular lounge/dining room , sun room and kitchenette.Oh and we think you will find that the spa bath is the best one you have ever tried!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Slow Living For April

Time to join in with Slow Living Essentials 'Slow Living Month by Month '  (always a reminder to me to slow down and appreciate what is around us)

 Nourish:It's gramma pie time again. Nothing could be more orange or spicy as a gramma pie. Consumed by the fire with locally bought cream.
Green: I could have bought another tree when I discovered that my 'beure bosch pear ' had been dead long ago and I had been nourishing the root stock for years. Instead, I asked a friend to come over with her chainsaw. We cut the rootstock down to 3 stumps ....left some branches as 'nurse branches' to keep the sap coming and grafted an apple, a nashi pear and another pear variety onto the root stock.Interesting to see what comes of this tree with all the fruit shop in one stop!
 Discover: A new skill . How lucky am I to have a friend who can teach me how to graft fruit trees. Just us, a bud knife ,electricians tape and honey!
 Reduce: The clippings of the tree I cut back were fed to the goats. When they are finished , the coppice pieces will be cut down and dried for next years heating in our fire place.
 Grow: Sweet potatoes just pulled from their cosy little earthy home. Ready for a casserole tonight .
 Create: The joy of the anticipation of creating a mini vege garden for someone I love.
 Enhance: The children enjoyed observing this as a garden decoration....but we took them to Steamfest in Maitland last weekend and showed them what it was originally was. This is part of the mechanism of an old steam engine and we got to see the real thing working!
Now we sit and wonder who shovelled the coal that made this go and watched the steam flow past .
 Enjoy: Nights around the fire , and made up stories about how the dog or cat left footprints in this old brick.
 Enjoy: afternoon sun on newly emerging seedlings ...the wonder of new life.

Enjoy: a freshly laid egg from happy chickens ....and with this I think each time, 'how can we feel such wonder at something that happens everyday ....yet we do feel the magic everytime something as simple as an egg is laid and feel grateful for this lovely life we lead.
To feel this , is to feel present in every moment and appreciate it.


purplepear said...

What a wonderful month you had. Love to hear some of those stories!

Fiona said...

I enjoyed your post and comments for each photo. Looks like your life is rich and full in the country!

Natalie said...

Fantastic new skill...learning to graft trees.
I bought a grafted apple tree last year with 5 different kinds of apples grafted onto the trunk. I have been curious ever since to know if this is something I could learn. Great job!

Evi said...

Wow, Kim, I am really impressed that you've learnt how to graft!! What a great skill to know and just think of the possibilities!

Kathryn Ray said...

What is gramma pie? It looks like it might be sweet potato or pumpkin... tasty.

I love tho photo of the calf at the top of your blog. :-)

Jodi said...

linking up from slow living month..what an interesting month you have had and I see you live not far from me :)

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